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Flor de Caña


The production uses the time-tested "Slow Aged" method and i tis assed on the original family recipe. Traditionally high quality brought Flor de Caña rums more than 200 international valuations for quality and taste. Rums are made from 100% renewable energy and the brand can also be proud because of Carbon Neutral or Fair Trade certifications.




Premium vodka Stoli, which we distribute in Czech Republic is vodka with long history and it is owned by Luxembourgish company SPI Group. It has respected position on the market, mainly due to its more than 80 years old tradition. It is made from carefully selected winter wheat using high-quality multiple distillation production technology. It is filtered through charcoal and then twice through fine quartz sand and canvas. In the Latvian capital city Riga, it mixes with crystal clear artesian glacier water, which has had its place in the bottle since 1948. Vodka will get you with its complex taste and characteristic sweet tones.




History of this premium gin is 250 years old. Gin is produced and distilled as one of the few gins direct in London. Behind its production stands secret family recipe, which contains a mixture of nine herbs, such as juniper, coriander or lemon peel, which gives it a light, fresh and balanced taste. It is produced by the Pot Still method and is distilled five times, which makes it alcohol of a pure ghost. Greenall’s is one of the most prized gins, getting 12 prestigious medals in recent years.


Hell or High Water


The premium rum, known worldwide originally as Ron de Jeremy, was rebranded. From the half of April 2021, it changes its name to Hell or High-Water Rum. This English expression expresses the unbreakable will, that is behind overcoming obstacles. Each of us will have falls in our lives, after which we will have to rise. Rum Hell or High Water embodies precisely this courage, unconventionality and uniqueness. Producer One Eyed Spirits decided to change the name for moral reasons after the imprisonment of its main representative Ron Jeremy. The fluid itself remains the same. Francisco „Don Pancho“ Fernandez who managed to create a unique 7 years old rum, took part in its production. It will get you with extra fine and elegant taste.




It is produced in the French region of Cognac. It is fundamentally different from traditional London juniper-based dry gins and creating a new „gin-generation“. It combines the style and complexity of ultra-premium gin. The possibility of versatile use elevates it to the highest world class level. By combining the old method of distillation and soaking together with the addition of a rare green vine flower, G’Vine sets a new exclusive standard in the elegant super-premium category of spirits. In 2007 it gets silver medal in San Francisco. Wine Enthusiast magazine rated him 95 points out of 100.

Fruit spirits and specialties

Baron Hildprandt


Fruit spirits and specialties of a quality fruit from southern Bohemia are produced in the historic distillery in Blatná under the supervision of master distiller Václav Šitner. The inspiration for its creation is the original recipe from the time of establishment of the distillery by František Hildprandt.




Relicario is a charming blend of old Dominican rums that are up to 15 years old, while the youngest in the blend is 5 years old. Blend than matures in oak barrels after Kentucky Bourbon whiskey, which is exposed to Caribbean climatic conditions for a perfect blend of flavours and aromas. You will find tones of vanilla and dried sweet almonds in the pleasantly sweet taste.


El Clásico


El Clásico is a brand of premium rum products from the Caribbean. The unique blends are made of rums that are 3-15 years old and lay in bourbon barrels in the Caribbean. The products include the best selected rums from Trinidad, Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Guyana. Reward yourself with unique taste and aroma of Elixir or XO rum. Reserva’s unique velvety soft blend, lightly fruity Elixir or perfectly vanilla Spiced or strong Overproof will give you the opportunity to reward yourself and feel the taste of Caribbean. They are best enjoyed at room temperature and in an open tasting glass.




The legacy of the spicy gin Opihr dates back to the times of ancient caravans in the Orient. Ancient merchants travelled thousand of miles to the legendary region known as Opihr, which prospered during the reign of King Solomon to bring various exotic spices and herbs. Opihr is created by combining hand-picked oriental herbs and exotic spices with fine English gin. Distillation takes place in the oldest English distillery with a history dating back to 1761.

Spirits, gins and absinthe



ŽUFÁNEK s.r.o. established in 2000 by Marcela and Josef Žufánek and their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. It is in the village of Boršice u Blatnice near Uherské Hradiště. The production is surrounded by its own orchards, which are located in one of the best fruit growing locations in Moravia. It is used to produce deliciously fine spirits with a characteristic aroma and taste, influenced by the local microclimate and the subsoil of the protected landscape area of the White Carpathians. All products are 100% natural, made according to the original proven recipes, without the use of artificial colours, flavours and aromas. We distillate, macerate and create so that the final product tastes mainly to ourselves and they never have to be ashamed of it. That is why all distillates, liqueurs and spirits are called ŽUFÁNEK.




The roots of the Champagne Deutz winery go back to 1838, when it was established by William Deutz and Pierre Geldermann in the village of Aÿ. Although the Champagne Deutz strategy was not extravagant and unpretentious, the winery managed to succeed in the big competition, mainly due to the unique taste of their wine. Champagne Deutz is one of the oldest members of the Grandes Marques Club, an association of the 24 most important champagne houses. Today, Deutz produces up to two million bottles, with 75% of grapes purchased from growers from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. They own around 42 hectares of vineyards in five different destinations. Deutz winemakers prepare wines without the influence of wood, they are pleasant, sophisticated, beautifully pearl, but they are not ostentatiously expressive. They do not draw attention to themselves unnecessarily, on the contrary, it takes a little concentration to enjoy them. Directly below the Champagne Deutz headquarters, at a depth of 65 meters, there are more than three kilometres of cellars, which were excavated in the chalk subsoil at the time of the viticulture, in the middle of the 19th century.




It is one of the most prized champagnes in the world. "I want to make wine worthy of a queen!" - this bold exclamation opens the first chapter in the history of Piper-Heidsieck. The sentence was then spoken by Florens-Louis Heidsieck, the son of a protestant pastor originally from Westphalia, born in 1749. After this self-taught initiator settled in Champagne, he married a local girl and in 1785 he established a company focused on the trade of substances and Champagne - Heidsieck & Cie. Thanks to the acidity of local grapes, which are traditionally represented by three varieties - Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay - this northernmost wine region in Europe provides wine with unique characteristics. The most characteristic of these are the bubbles that first appeared in wine in the 17th century. At first, it was a natural and difficult-to-influence process, which was not technologically mastered until the 19th century. The volatility of the bubbles gave the wine a touch of nobility, and the drink soon gained popularity in aristocratic circles. Heidsieck's talent was fully manifested in the production of champagne.

Port wine



A major winery and the largest owner of vineyards in the Douro area. Graham’s is a winery that has achieved the highest acclaim for its centuries-old tradition and is one of the few producers to have both ruby and tawny wines at a high level.


Mathias Hirtzberger


Already the fifth generation of the Hirtzberger family produces legendary wines in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria - the Wachau. The father of the establisher of the winery, Franz Hirtzberger Sr., is one of the iconic winemakers in the region. As part of the legacy, his youngest son Mathias Hirtzberger acquired a total of 4 hectares of vineyards in highly regarded locations such as Kollmütz, Kollmitz, Gaisberg, Angern and Marienfeld. The first wines were produced in 2014. Its second year 2015 is characterized by elegance and exciting complexity. The wines are classified according to Vine Wachau as Steinfeder (light and fruity style), Federspiel (fine) and Smaragd (deep and long). The full name of the Weinhofmeisterei Mathias Hirtzberger refers to the more than 600 years old building - the wine yard, which is now the main center of both family wineries, the wine shop and restaurant.


Tempos Vega Sicilia


The iconic, most famous and most traditional Spanish domain. Its wines are incredibly complex, elegant and age beautifully. It has been compared to the 1er Grand Cru Classé of Bordeaux. The flagship is Reserva Especial, which is a blend of usually three vintages, and then Unico from a single vintage. The group also includes the wineries Alion from Ribera del Duero and Pintia from Toro, which benefit from the same winemaking skill and care as the parent Vega Sicilia. Thanks to the owner's love for sweet wines, the group also includes the Oremus brand of Tokaj, which today ranks at the absolute top of Tokaj wines.

Lemonades and tonics

Thomas Henry


Since 2010, the Berlin company Thomas Henry has been inspired by the visionary of the same name to produce perfect non-alcoholic drinks. The pharmacist Thomas Henry made the world's first soda in the 18th century. The name of such a person is accordingly a good synonym for even better tonics and lemonades. These drinks have an adult and full taste, either alone or in a long drink. Thomas Henry is based on a great balanced recipe, selected ingredients and natural mineral water from springs from the North Rhine.

Cola and lemonades



In 2002 two childhood friends decided to do things differently and better. They put together some savings and started making fritz-cola. Their goal was - and still is - to produce cola that will be better and more interesting than those offered by large companies. Thanks to their philosophy of using as many natural ingredients as possible and providing 25 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, they have grown rapidly not only in Germany but also in other countries around the world. Their lemonades have a fantastic taste and are also suitable for vegans.